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Coffee & Tea


Why is Organic Coffee Better Coffee?
Organic coffee is high in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.  It is free of pesticides and chemical fertilizers which greatly reduces the rest of chemical ingestion.  Also, organically grown coffee contains caffeine in its purest form- which is a natural energy booster!

Organic Coffee and the Environment

Organic agriculture stimulates the environment’s natural development of disease and pest control. Because much organic coffee is shade grown, large amounts of forest may be preserved. This preservation has many additional benefits: minimizing soil erosion, preserving habitat, especially for birds; further, the leaves from the trees and bird droppings naturally fertilize the soil. Birds also control pests by eating insects that eat the leaves of coffee plants.  Organic coffee also benefits from the chemical free nutrients absorbed from the soil, greatly enhancing the taste!

Organic Coffee Health Benefits
Some of the health risks associated with drinking large amounts of coffee can be attributed to the chemical and pesticide residues as opposed to the coffee beans themselves. Organic coffee reduces these risks because of the lack of synthetic additives. Shade grown coffee ensures the preservation of nutrients that naturally occur, by reducing sun exposure that bleaches important compounds in the top soil.